CCFX provides a paid partner program for individuals and corporate clients around the world. This project provides commissions to partners who introduce new clients or agents to CCFX. The cumulative commission is based on the relevant transaction volume and account deposit. Our partners are required to work in accordance with their local regulations and continue to make a profit through a long-term business plan.
Experience in the past has proven that it is far better to work with CCFX than to work with other brokers. This makes CCFX a good reputation in the global foreign exchange market.Join CCFX to become our partner and experience a different brand reputation.
As a CCFX member, you will receive a competitive rebate in real time to your agent account based on your referral. We provide recommended links for all CCFX partners to facilitate the certification of the customers introduced and the green channel for 24/7 access to partner accounts.

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The risk of loss in leveraged (Forex/CFD Contract) trading can be substantial, may not be suitable to all type of investors. Investors may sustain losses in excess of Investors’ initial margin funds. Please read the entire risk disclosure statement to ensure you are fully understood the potential risk. In addition, we strongly recommend investors to seek advice from independent financial adviser for the risk disclosure statement and investment objectives. Risk disclosure statement
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