Trading platform overview

  • CCFX MT4 trading platform
  • 成汇MT4交易平台

  • The full name of MT4 is MetaTrader 4 (, a software developed by MetaQuotes ( for trading derivatives of foreign exchange, precious metals and other financial derivatives. The MT4 platform is the most well-developed and widely used in the foreign exchange market today.
  • CCFX provides a well-reformed MT4 platform for traders, thus traders can enjoy the powerful functions brought by the MT4 platform to achieve an unprecedented smooth trading experience.
  • Whether you are a beginner who uses a demo account for practice operations or an experienced investment trader who already trades in the real market to make a profit, you can get the MT4 trading platform for free and enjoy the best quotation, the most flexible trading method and the fastest order execution.
  • In addition to the PC platform, CCFX will provide MT4 mobile trading platform (iPhone & Android) for traders, so that transactions are not limited by time and geographical scope.

  • MT4的全称是MetaTrader 4, 是一款由迈达克公司开发的适用于外汇,贵金属等金融衍生品交易的软件。MT4平台是当今外汇市场中最成熟,应用最广泛的交易平台。
  • 成汇为交易者提供精心改良过的MT4平台,交易者可以尽享成汇MT4平台带来的强大功能,由此获得前所未有的顺畅交易体验。
  • 无论是使用模拟账户进行练习操作的初学者,还是已经在真实市场交易的投资交易者,都能免费获取成汇MT4交易平台,并享受最优化的报价,最灵活的交易方式和最迅速的定单执行。
  • 除PC平台外,CCFX成汇同时为交易者提供MT4移动交易平台(iPhone&Android),让交易不受时间和地域的限制。

  • The function of CCFX MT4 platform
  • 成汇MT4平台的功能

  • -Provide real-time quotes for forex and other financial derivatives in the main markets, covering the charts and trends of forex, precious metals, energy and index products with various time periods, enabling traders to keep abreast of market conditions.
  • -Create all order types quickly to trade forex, precious metals, energy and index products with a trailing stop function, allowing hedging transactions, minimum trading volume as low as 0.01 standard lots
  • - Extensive technical indicators support. The platform comes with all the popular technical indicators, and traders can also load indicator files that meet the format requirements, making personalized technical analysis possible.Receive a copy trade signal. Platform supports subscription function of copy trade signal, connecting your trading account with the professional's account.
  • -Expert Advisor (EA). Traders can write or load programs themselves to automatically execute trading strategies through the EA Expert Advisor.

  • -提供外汇及金融衍生品市场的实时行情。囊括40种以上外汇,贵金属、能源和指数产品的价格和走势,通过数据与涵盖各种时段的图表进行呈现,使交易者能够时刻把握市场行情。
  • -创建定单,交易外汇,贵金属、能源和指数产品。支持所有定单类型,提供追迹止损功能,允许对冲交易,最小交易量低至0.01标准手,定单急速执行。
  • -广泛的技术指标支持。平台自带所有流行的技术指标,交易者亦可自行载入符合格式要求的指标文件,让个性化的技术分析成为可能。
  • -接收交易跟单信号。支持跟单信号订阅功能,将自己的交易账户与专业人士的账户连接。
  • -Expert Advisor(EA)智能交易。通过EA智能交易系统,交易者能够自行编写或加载程序,实现交易策略自动化。

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