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  • Today’s energy crude oil market is truly global. From West Texas Intermediate (WTI) to Brent, the crude oil market fuels many of the world’s leading economies and impact nearly every nation. Energy crude oil futures and options provide the tools the industry needs to manage portfolio.

  • 原油是全球交易量最大的商品,对汇市和股市影响巨大。布伦特原油和西德克萨斯轻质原油主导了全球能源市场, 並并被作为原油定价的基准. 对于原油交易者而言,无论是油价格的张跌,还是布伦特原油,西德克萨斯轻质原油之间的价差,都蕴含着丰富的交易机会。

  • In addition, the structure of the natural gas market has evolved over time and become one of the most competitive, efficient, transparent, and liquid natural gas futures and options market in the world.

  • 近年来,随着全球能源供给结构不断向多元化转型,天然气在能源商品市场中的地位不断提高。越来越多的交易者将注意力投向天然气产品,享受这一非传统能源交易产品带来的机会。

  • CCFX Markets offers Brent, WTI and Natural Gas Spot products for long term trading position.

  • CCFX提供布伦特原油,西德克萨斯轻质原油和天然气现货产品的交易,并允许交易者长期持仓。

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  • 股指产品

  • If there was another way to express your views and gain broad-based exposure to nations equities - without trading each individual stock? One alternative is equity index. With a single transaction, traders can use these index-based contracts to manage risk or seek profits based on whether they think the stock market will rise or fall.

  • 由于股票指数能够反映一国股市表现好坏,因此可以作为衡量一国投资者对经济的整体信息指标。股票指数产品作为最流行的投资产品之一,具有高性价比,同时不受交期限的限制,因而广受投资者喜爱。

  • With CCFX, traders can direct access to Europe, Asia and North America spot markets. Including CHINA A50 INDEX, Mini Dow Jones Index, DAX, FR40, UK100 and Nikki 225

  • 通过CCFX成汇,投资者可以直接参与欧洲“亚洲以及北美等多个股票市场的股指现货交易,包括:中国A50指数,恒生指数,迷你道琼斯指数,德国股槼指数。法国股票指数,英国富时100指数,日经225指数。

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