Precious Metals

  • Professional trading -Precious Metals
  • 金融衍生品交易——贵金属

  • As a one of the long term investment portfolio, Precious Metals are among the most popular commodities for traders. It is because due to their inherent physical value and adaptability to both long term and short-term speculative investment.

  • 作为一种较长期的投资产品,交易并持有实物贵金属近几年在个人投资者中十分流行。而对于较短期的投资而言,相关衍生品交易以及交易所合约交易则是一种更简单地、门槛更低的交易方式,让你能够以更低的资金投入把握价格波动中的机会。

  • Why Trader Precious Metals?
  • 为什么交易贵金属?

  • Precious Metals have its unique conditions:
  • -Speculation, Portfolio management, Risk diversification
  • -Flexibility of trading up trend or down trend 
  • -Highly liquidity, one of the substitutable, alternatives investing of forex trading

  • 贵金属交易具有以下特点:
  • -投机、组合投资,分散风险
  • -既可做多,又可做空,交易方式灵活 
  • -流通迅速,受多种因素制约,可被视为是外汇的替代交易品种

  • Gold
  • 黄金

  • Unlike most of commodities, Gold is valued somehow indirect correlation between supply and demand. Despite the decreasing gold content of ores, Gold is also produced by mining in which it is not the principal product such as Copper mines. Untimely, Gold is valued by the influence of such factors as geography and economics on the politics and especially the foreign policy of a state.

  • 黄金的价格,不同于大多数商品,它不由产量及消费水平主导。到目前为止,大部分金矿仍可继续开采,并可以重新进入黄金市场。因此,金价往往被政治事件所左右,成为动荡时期一个工具。

  • Silver
  • 白银

  • As a one of the Precious Metals, Silver is the best element of making Jewelry and industrial components. Industrial applications use silver's conductivity as well as its sensitivity to light and anti-bacterial qualities. The price of silver is notoriously volatile compared to other Precious Metals.

  • 白银作为一种贵金属,在大规模工业应用及制作珠宝、银制品方面具有不可替代的特性。由于被广泛应用于电子产业及用作摄影感光材料,其价格相比许多其他金属波动更大。

  • Palladium and Platinum
  • 铂金和钯金

  • Palladium and Platinum are relatively scarce resources even among the precious metals. The production totals approximately only 8 % of Gold mine production a year.Along with other precious metals, Palladium and Platinum are exchange-traded products in spot markets and in futures. As an economic stability and growth, the price of Palladium and Platinum tend to be revealed its true value in near future.

  • 铂金和钯金是世界上稀有的贵金属品种,两者在世界范围内的总产量相似,不及黄金总开采量的8%。铂金&钯金与黄金、白银一样,同属于国际贵金属现货、期货的交易品种,而铂金&钯金作为稀缺的贵金属资源,随着市场需求的不断提高,其潜在价值将会持续显现。

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