Privilege Of Spread

  • Privilege Of Spread
  • 极具竞争力的低点差
  • Comparative Advantages of Low Spread
  • As your most reliable Forex Broker, CCFX Market provides series of historical spread data for your Data Analysis. “Average Spreads” in CCFX refers to the most competitive spreads on our currency pairs and CFD instruments in which reflects to traders’ account via trading platform.
  • 点差数据值得信赖。
  • 作为您值得信赖的交易商,成汇集团所提供的点差数据一样值得您信赖。我们的点差信息客观透明、真实可靠。您可以参考“平均点差”了解通常情况下最可能获得的点差,也可以通过平台账户查看实际点差报价。
  • Average Spread: Time-weighted average spreads are derived from tradable prices at CCFXMarket from last 30 Days. For instance, average spread of EURUSD in February is 1.6. Indicate that there is 50 % probably of getting a spread below 1.6 or vice versa.
  • Realtime Spread: A spread in which traders receive the most competitive and lowest quotes from real trading platform. CCFX is one of the few brokers which 100 % reflects the interbank spread publicly.
  • 平均点差:最近一个月点差的中位数,反映该报价的普遍性和稳定性,是您通常情况下最有可能获得的点差之重要参考。比如EUR/USD在2月的平均点差为1.6,即意味着您有50%的机会获得低于1.6的点差,同时也有50%的机会点差会高于1.6点。
  • 实时点差: 您所看到的点差,就是我们的客户此刻获得的点差。我们是业内少数能将点差100%透明公开的交易商。
  • CCFX Competence
  • 公司实力雄厚
  • Our competences are based on financial strength and long term strategic partners with Liquidity Providers. CCFX is committed to provides a lowest spread among Top Tier Brokers
  • 正因为成汇雄厚的实力和健康的财务,我们能够长期、稳定地与全球顶级的报价和流量提供商保持深度合作,为您争取行业最低报价,持续向您提供非常具竞争力的点差。
  • Realtime Assurance Technology
  • 报价技术保障
  • Through the cutting-edge technologies, CCFX is proud that every trader is assured to get lowest spread. With bypassing dealing desk, fully automated infrastructure and Direct access from interbank rate, Every trader gets competitive spread as possible .
  • 通过高端的报价技术,CCFX为每一个交易产品的点差设立了极低的底限,以全自动的方式保障客户能够获得一个非常有竞争力的最低点差。

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