Regulations and Compliance

  • Regulations and Compliance
  • 合规监管交易商

  • CCFXMarket is regulated by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) regulatory framework, with a growing presence in Thailand, Hong Kong and Australia, and more. In Addition CCFX Market have made and committed to continuous improvement on high-quality audits and disclosures.

  • CCFX目前受澳大利亚证券投资委员会 (ASIC)监管,公司在悉尼、香港、曼谷等地均设立办事机构。同时,CCFX在管理、财务报表和披露方面均依照最高标准执行。

  • Segregated account of Client funds
  • 客户资金隔离存放

  • CCFX Market undertakes its best efforts to ensure that monetary deposits received from clients are handled with diligence and accuracy. CCFX Market is strictly comply with authorized Institutions. Plus, funds held or received by CCFX Market will be kept and maintained in one or more segregated accounts on the clients' behalf. As a most reputable Forex Broker, CCFX Market is accountable to achieve highest regulatory Standards in terms of audits and disclosures. Moreover, CCFX Market has established a Risk Management Committee and Anti-Money Laundering Committee in which proactively assess, monitor and formulate policies specifying counter party risk.

  • 保护客户的资金,是CCFX资金安全承诺的一个重要部分。CCFX严格遵守该监管方的客户资金规则,将所有客户的资金单独隔离存放,以保护我们客户的资产。
  • 作为一家管理良好的资深外汇交易商,我们必须达到企业监管、财务报告和披露的最高水准。除了监管要求以外,CCFX还持有大量额外资金,并积极评估和监控对手方风险,同时受到由高层管理人员组成的风险委员会的管理。我们还设有反洗钱和客户识别项目以遵守全球的相关规则和法规,以及建立了专属的风险管理方式,持续增加流程、查询和自动报告以识别潜在的洗钱、欺诈和其他可疑行为。 

  • Safe Guard of Fund Transaction
  • 安全便捷的资金存取

  • CCFX MARKET is accountable to ensure a safe monetary deposits all the times
  • -Simply way of RMB Deposit & withdrawal : profits can be withdrawal anytime
  • -Fully automated Process: unmanned payment system operates on 24x7 basis in which speed up process and accuracy.
  • -Funding assurance: to ensure accuracy, we perform external audit check for every transaction.

  • CCFX始终致力于为客户提供安全、迅速、高质的资金存取体验。
  • - 便捷的人民币入金、出金:本金、盈利均可通过人民币提取;
  • - 高效的自动化流程:自动化的资金存取申请提交和处理,提高了入金、出金的速度和准确度;
  • - 严格审核确保安全:为确保您的资金安全,我们对每一笔出入金履行严格的财务审核;

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