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  • About CCFXMarket
  • 关于成汇

  • CCFXMarket founded by a group of Investment Bank bankers and previously acted in different roles at international financial institutions.
  • CCFX founders and Management team has been actively involved in financial industry for several decades. From manned landline trade to automated algo trade, we have had been part of a leading role across multinational banking corporations financial institutions andCGSE HK, specializing in Forex, Energies, Metals, Commodities, Derivatives and Risk Management.

  • 成汇最初由投资银行家和行业内的专业人士创立。
  • 成汇的创始人和管理层团队深耕金融业达数十年之久:从电报/电话交易时代开始,到如今的互联网交易;从领导当时行业巨擘国际性金融机构销售部门到主管国际性银行、香港金银业贸易场等银行的外汇、商品、能源等衍生品的交易和风控管理。

  • Providing CFD, Forex and Derivatives contracts to institutions retail clients:
  • -Access to global markets with 100% Straight Through Processing (STP). Aim for minimum spread and better price execution, CCFX Market commits to create a ultimate trading experience for clients.
  • -We have been passionately serving our clients for several years,
  • with global offices in Thailand, Hong Kong and Australia, and more.

  • 成汇身历行业巨变,又深怀行业认知,并将专注于:
  • -为机构和零售客户提供外汇、差价合约等金融衍生品的交易和服务;
  • -同时,以100%直通市场交易以及更低的交易成本和更好的订单执行,成汇旨在为客户创造一个更纯粹的交易环境。
  • 成汇目前在悉尼、香港、曼谷设有多个办公室,为不同国家和地区的客户提供专业的服务。

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The risk of loss in leveraged (Forex/CFD Contract) trading can be substantial, may not be suitable to all type of investors. Investors may sustain losses in excess of Investors’ initial margin funds. Please read the entire risk disclosure statement to ensure you are fully understood the potential risk. In addition, we strongly recommend investors to seek advice from independent financial adviser for the risk disclosure statement and investment objectives. Risk disclosure statement
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