Deposits and Withdrawals

  • Deposits
  • 账户入金

  • Your fund will be deposited into the live trading account and isolated from CCFX's operating funds in accordance with regulatory requirements to ensure fund’s security.

  • 您的入金都将被注入交易账户,并根据监管要求,和CCFX的运营资金隔离,以保证安全性。

  •   China UnionPay  Wire Transfer
       Applicability Convenient online deposit large sum of funds deposit
       Currency RMB USD
       Arrival time in general immediately 3-5 working days in general
       Charge* free of charge additional wire transfer fee
       Maximum deposit of each transaction 10,000USD Nil
       Payment Method Login to User center to deposit personal online banking or Bank counters to process remittance***

  • While using China UnionPay, you are advised to use IE (version 10 or above) web browser to successfully connect to the online banking page.
  • CCFX will not accept third-party deposits. It is necessary to ensure you to make deposit with your own bank card.
  • *Arrival time of funds to your bank account depends on the operating procedures of banks and intermediate institutions.
  • * *Deposit amount may depend on the terms and conditions of banks and card issuer.
  • * * *When processing deposit via wire transfer, please fill out the remittance form by following information:

  • 在银联入金的过程中,为了您能顺利连通银行端的网银页面,请使用IE (版本10或以上)网页浏览器。
  • CCFX成汇不接受第三方入金。您需要确保使用您本人名下的银行卡办理入金。
  • *具体到帐时间取决于各银行、中间机构的办理情况
  • * *具体限额可能因客户银行、发卡机构而异
  • * * *在办理电汇入金时,请您按照以下信息填写汇款单:

  • Bank Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
    Benificiary CCFX CAPITAL PTY LTD
    Bank account number 012071 414844369
    Swift code ANZBAU3M

  • After the remittance is completed, please email a copy of bank receipt to [email protected] so that we can confirm the funds and speed up the process as soon as possible.

  • 汇款完成后,请您保留银行的回执并拍照发送到 [email protected] 以便我们尽快为您确认资金并办理入账。

  • Anti-money laundering policy
  • 反洗钱政策

  • Please note that in order to comply with the anti-money laundering policy, all deposits and withdrawals should be with source of funds declaration. As you are aware of, all funds will be from your own account whenever you make deposit or withdrawal. Any forms of third-party funds would not be accepted, as such CCFX reserves the right to ask clients for bank receipt or statement to verify the source of funds.

  • 请留意,为遵守反洗钱政策,办理出金时,您的所有资金将回到您原本入金的账户。在您办理出金时,CCFX成汇保有要求您提供银行信息,例如银行账单来核实您的资金来源的权利。

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